Gediz Kocaoglan

MSc student

Project title: BacilloFlex  

Hi! I’m Gediz. I got my undergraduate degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering at Koc University, Istanbul. Then, I came to University of Edinburgh to do MSc in Biotechnology. I am working in the French Lab for my research project: BacilloFlex. It is a modular DNA assembly toolkit specific for Bacillus subtilis - a very cool bacterium, way cooler than E. coli

I have been told that I should write a personal note and show that I am a human being outside of the lab as well. Unlike some of us, I cannot spend my spare time with my boyfriend because I am in a long-distance relationship. So I spend my time being jealous of people who can and do other stuff. I don’t like long walks on the beach, playing guitar at sunset or dogs. Especially puppies.