Niels Wicke

Graduated student

Project title: Development of a modular DNA assembly toolkit for B. subtilis synthetic biology



Year Description
 2013 – 2017 BSc Biological Science (Hons Biotechnology), The University of Edinburgh
 2017 – present  PhD student at Oxford University

Personal note: Host-specific re-usable genetic parts, like promoters or ribosome binding sites, are an important component of synthetic biology. Parts or modules that behave in a robust and predictable manner, irrespective of their context (which unfortunately is rarely the case), facilitate the in silico modelling of large synthetic gene networks prior to their assembly. Despite the industrial potential and its value as a model for cellular differentiation, the spore-forming gram-positive bacterium B. subtilis lacks the vast repertoire of genetic tools available for its better-established counter parts like E. coli. Addressing this discrepancy my work is concerned with the development of a modular DNA assembly toolkit for B. subtilis synthetic biology. The toolkit aims to enable the rapid combinatorial construction of multi-transcription unit pathways from basic characterised parts. Standardisation of the assembly work-flow fosters collaboration and will gradually expand the repertoire of parts in the toolkit.