Nuoya Chen


I am a penultimate year student studying Biotechnology at the University of Edinburgh. I am very interested in the use of biotechnology in remediating environmental pollution or creating sustainable materials. In the past, I have been a member of iGEM2017 Undergrad team on a project developing a site-specific recombinase toolkit which corroborated my determination of going into biological research. 

Outside of the academia, I am a vivid street salsa learner who can’t coordinate her feet and arms (Warning: keep distance to avoid any physical injury). I love drawing and reading classics. Documentaries put my to sleep instantly but The Blue Planet is still my favourite lullaby. I have a complicated relationship with TV shows, movies and music. Currently trying to learn Spanish and Scottish(or should I say Glaswegian). Talent including baking and the ability of turning absolutely anything available into carbon. Hashtag #Biochar.