Hall of Fame

  • Posted on: 24 August 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

As laboratory we support undergraduate students to immerse themself on the actual scientific world, by doing internships and helping on our current research ideas, or by encouraging them to perform their own projects.


Jovanna Maharaj

 Honour student

Project title: Tolerance and production of methacrylate esters on Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains

Read more

Juro Oravec

 Honour student

Project title: Engineering of methacrylate esters producing a strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Nuoya Chen

Undergraduate student

Project title: BioPlustec, a novel Cell-free production system of bioplastics Read more

Cal Vickerstaff

Project title: Novel method for sensitive detection of specific RNA sequences for rapid diagnostic tests Read more

Afterwards: MSc. student at University College London, UK 

Alexander Orr

Project Title: Developing a synthetic biology toolkit for manipulation of central metabolism in microorganisms Read more


 Niels Wicke

  Project title: Development of a modular DNA assembly toolkit for B. subtilis synthetic biology. Read more

  Afterwards: PhD student at Oxford University, UK

Teri Cheng

Project title: iGEM 2017 - SMORE: A modular toolkit for site-specific recombination  Read more

 Afterwards: 4th year undergraduate student, UoE, UK

 Brendan Largley

 Project title: DNA printer, an assembly technic codon by codon.

 Afterwards: 4th year undergraduate student, UoE, UK. Read more

 Franklin Lo

 Project title: A novel method for sensitive detection of specific RNA Sequences.

 Afterwards: 2nd year undergraduate student, UoE, UK. Read more

Raphael Ferriera

 Project title: Synthetic glycobiology: producing polysaccharides in bacteria

 Amin Mustafa

 Project title: Determining the factors that limit growth of recombinant cellulase-producing strains on cellulosic substrates

 Shanaz Shaiful

 Project title: Production of levan and other polysaccharides in bacteria

 Philip Davies

 Project title: Development of bioreporters for membrane stress

 Lina Gasiunaite

 Project title:

 Karen Chan

 Project title: Test the novel procedure for conversion of lactic acid to ethanol using LDH, ADH and PDC.

 Yuma Shino

 Project title:

 Piotr Kasprowicz

Project title: Determination of the effect of temperature and age of the culture on secretion of C. fimi cellulases (CenA and Cex) from E. coli JM109

 Suzy Lowi

Project title: Escherichia Coli and Cellulomonas Fimi Co-Culture Experiment


 Project title:


 Project title: