Mengxi Li (Maxine)

Project title: Development of tools for information processing in transcriptional biosensors.

Personal Note: In this project, we will take advantage of recent discoveries in molecular biology to develop novel tools, such as nucleic acid-based logic gates, for processing inputs from transcriptional sensing systems to generate clear and simple visual and electrical outputs which can be used to generate biosensors for a variety of purposes.

Before moving to Edinburgh, I have got a BEng in Bioengineering from Shanxi University, China, a Diploma in Food Studies from University College Cork (UCC), Ireland and an MSc in Molecular Cell Biology and Bioinnovation from UCC. During my undergraduate study, I have done some studies on biosensor development, but they were mostly molecularly imprinted biosensors. When doing my master, I was involved in a project to characterise a special form of truncated tau protein in Alzheimer's disease.

In my free time, I prefer to travel around, read novels and sometimes do some cooking.





PhD student, University of Edinburgh, UK.


MSc in Molecular Cell Biology and Bioinnovation, University College Cork, Ireland.


Diploma in Food Studies, University College Cork, Ireland.


BEng in Bioengineering, Shanxi University, China.