christopher-french-edinburghProf. Christopher French

Personal Chair of Microbial Biotechnology. 


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Dr. Abdelrahman Zaky

Research Fellow

Project title: Investigating the Marine Fermentation Approach for the Sustainable Production of Biofuels

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Dr. Eric Thorand


Project title:  Synthetic biomaterials for transparent armour.  Read more


Dr. Jamie Auxillos

PhD student

Project title:  Establishing a standardised DNA assembly pipeline for natural product pathway engineering in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
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Mengxi Li (Maxine)

PhD student

Project title: Development of tools for information processing in transcriptional biosensors. Read more

Dr. Andreas Andreou

PhD student

Project title: Synthetic biomaterials for transparent armour. Read more

Dr(c) Marcos Valenzuela Ortegamarcos-valenzuela-ortega-edinburgh

PhD student

Project title: Development of novel methods for high throughput screening of recombinant constructs for conversion of cellulosic biomass to useful products. Read more

Florentina Winkelmann

PhD student

Project title: A new biological route for large scale manufacture of methacrylic acid from renewable feedstocks Read more

Dr(c) Felipe A. Millacurafelipe-aguilera-millacura-edinburgh

PhD student

Project title: Modular Cell-free systems using an Adaptable DNA-Logic as core processing machinery. Read more




Hall of fame (Undergraduate Students)

Konstantinos Tsaridis

MSc student

Project title: CRISPR-based in vitro signal processing machinery for use in cell-free systems. Read more

Bethan Highley

MSc student

Project title: Novel method for sensitive detection of specific RNA sequences for rapid diagnostic tests. Read more

Dr. Christopher Nwankwochristopher-nwankwo-edinburgh

PhD student

Project title: Biosensors for use in developing nations. Read more

Dr. Paulina Kanigowska

PhD student

Project title: High-throughput DNA manufacturing, editing protocols and biological workflows from a process engineering perspective. Read more

Afterwards: Automation specialist at Nuclera Nucleics, UK.

Dr. Dariusz Abramczyk                                            

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Project title: Accelerating industrial metabolic engineering using YeastFAB. Read more

Afterwards:  Research Fellow at University of Edinburgh, UK


Gediz Kocaoglan

MSc student

Project title: BacilloFlex  Read more

Afterwards: PhD student at Univesity of Edinburgh, UK.


Athan Malamos

MSc student

Project title:  AsGard Biosensor Read more


Dr. Olivia Wei Liu Olivia Wei Liu

Project title: Development of a tyrosine recombinase in vivo for orthogonal SCRaMbLE of synthetic chromosomes for the Sc2.0 consortium and in vitro recombinase toolkit for metabolic engineering. Read more

Afterwards: Postdoctoral Fellow at Cambridge University, UK.


  Dr. Chao-Kuo Liuchao-kuo-liu-edinburgh

Project title: Combinatorial assembly of gene cassettes for cellulose degradation. Read more





Dr. Alejandro Salinas Vaccaroalejandro-salinas-vaccaro-edinburgh

 Project title: Conversion of green algal polysaccharides to biofuels. Read more

Afterwards: Postdoctoral Fellow at Newcastle University, UK,


Dr. Maryia Trubitsyna

 Project title: Novel methods for DNA assembly: PaperClip

 Afterwards:  Lab manager and Postdoctoral Research Associate at Rosser Laboratory, UK



Dr. Jan Oltmanns

 Project title: Novel biosensor formats

 Afterwards:  Junior Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Germany.

Dr. Morsaline Billahmorsaline-billah-edinburgh

 Project title: Generation of macroparticles for arsenic sensing on drinking water Read more

 Afterwards: Lecturer at Khulna University, Bangladesh

Dr. Kwabena DueduKwabena O. Duedu

  Project title: Enzyme engineering for cellulose degradation

  Afterwards: Lecturer at the University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ghana.

Dr. David Radford

 Project title: Arsenic Biosensor Consortium

 Afterwards: Student Support Tutor at University of Edinburgh, UK.

Dr. Craig Munns

Project title: Recombinant and wild type micro-organisms for the degradation and fermentation of lignocellulosic material for biofuel production.

Afterwards: Community Farm Development Manager at Barfield Educational

Dr. Jon Stanley

Project title: Novel approaches to radiotherapy using engineered proteins

Kuan Meng (Evan) Lee

Project title: Markerless genome editing in E. coli and related bacteria

Uros Zupancic

Project title: Rapid electrical detection of bacterial growth

Dr. Joe White

Project title: A synthetic model system for biosynthesis of starch-like polysaccharides

Dr. Steven Kane

Project title: Screening the degradome of Cellulomonas fimi

Dr. Eugene Fletcher

Project title: A synthetic biology approach to improving solvent tolerance.